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When buying an attar perfume, choose the best option

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Make an informed choice before buying attar perfume online, as many online retailers sell cheap products with the same brand.

The scent of Attar has a pleasant scent that can be noticed when walking through a pine forest or herb garden. Their characteristics are broadly classified from the daily routine of life to the occasion and the festival. The process of obtaining such an attar perfume is very expensive, which makes these things even more expensive. These, unlike organic molecules, are very difficult to purify and can only be obtained by steam removal and cold pressing processes.

Before visiting an online store that sells it, it is important to research the brand you want to buy. Jain Perfumers is a trusted, trustworthy, reputable and reputable supplier of authentic attar perfumes. You can't worry about the health of your skin because it's so important in your professional and personal life.


You will be forgiven if one ingredient appears in the list of notes on the perfume bottle and it disappears from your mind. Sandalwood is a permanent fragrance that you will not often find in other locations. It adds warmth and depth to the scent and also becomes more popular in women's blends.

How does sandalwood perfume smell?

You won't be surprised to find that sandalwood has strong woody undertones. However, there is a lot to catch with this beautiful airy scent. She has always been described as rich, creamy, exotic and earthy. Unique to the scent of sandalwood is that despite its own gentle, subtle tones, it is a very good carrier of other scents.

When mixed with other woody or earthy scents, it creates an uplifting scent with great depth. It's great to combine it with rosewood, cedar, patchouli, vanilla and vetiver to name a few.

What is the origin of sandalwood?

Sandalwood of the highest quality is widely grown in India. Where steam is obtained from the bark of the Santalum tree.

In addition, the harvesting of these trees is now prohibited at extremely high demand. Other sandstone species can be found in Australia, New Caledonia and Indonesia; however, these trees have a more acidic odor.


It is fast and elegant, with a sandalwood center and tones of almonds, jasmine, coffee and Tonka beans. We sell perfume spray, which is an exclusive product of our company. It is made with some of the most unique and important oils from famous sources.


Jain's Bamboo is built on warm sandalwood foundations. You can apply the perfume to your clothes after spraying it on your skin to add silage (the odor you leave).

For the longest life and results, spray your perfume with natural fibers, such as cotton, cashmere, silk, wool or linen.


Our Hanky ​​perfume spray has become more popular for its soothing scent and precise composition. The tropical melody of lemon essence, coconut water and mineral sun harmony is made of sandwood, while patchouli essence is rooted in the base.