Step by Step SEO Guide for Beginners – How to Grow Targeted Traffic with New SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a powerful way to grow your internet traffic without wasting money on advertisement.

Where SEO is essential, it’s hard. Here is a complete and straightforward guide to follow to grow your website, blog or funnel traffic through SEO.
This guide is also useful if you are entirely new to digital marketing and search engine optimization and marketing.

1. Step One: Come up with 3-4 Keywords. Use Google Trends, SEMRush and Ubersuggest to find out the right keywords.

2. Step Two: Write content and Give 2-5 links to other pages on your website and other websites from your post/page.

3. Step Three: Link back your page from Your Own website so that Google and Other Search Engines find it easier to crawl your content.

4. Step Four: Write 3-4 Articles about the same topic and submit to other blogs which are relevant and getting traffic. It will give you backlinks and extra traffic.

5. Keep your content fresh and regularly updated with the help of the Search Console (Example is given).

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