SEO Optimization Part 4: Simple Strategies to Boost Off-Page SEO

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In the last part of this series we’ll cover how to improve your SEO strategies by focusing utilizing off-page SEO. And the term is pretty much explains itself.Search engine optimization, off of your web page. Off-page SEO is focused around in building backlinks to your page from other high authority websites. When Google sees that other high authority sites are linking back to your content, they’ll see your site at as a credible and valuable resource. In SEO jargon, we call this a “vote of confidence”.This a big ranking factor that allows Google to trust you as source that will provide value to the users search query. Their aim is to match high quality information to a user’s search and backlinks are a powerful way to assess this. But although link building is arguably the biggest factor when utilizing off page SEO, it isn’t the only one. It goes deeper than this.And in this post, I’ve dug out small golden strategies for you to follow and apply to your own website.

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