CITY PAGES: SEO For Reaching Customers in Surrounding Cities Outside Your Business Area

City Pages are the single most powerful way for your business to get found in Google search in surrounding markets that are outside your main location.

This is most applicable to service area businesses – i.e. businesses who desire to reach customers located outside their main business location.

Local SEO / Google Maps optimization is how you get more customers from city where you have an office location and verified – otherwise referred to as Google My Business listings.

But City Pages are how you reach customers in your surrounding metro areas.

Let’s say for example you have a business with an address in Atlanta, Georgia. But you want to reach customers in Alpharetta, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta).

If you don’t have an address in Alpharetta, then you cannot leverage Google Maps / Google local search SEO.

However, if you deploy SEO for City Pages, you can easily reach new customers in Alpharetta, Georgia even though your business is located in Atlanta.

I did a podcast on this topic as well which you can listen to here:

Let me know if you have any questions about City Pages, and thank you for watching.


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