9 Important SEO Factors for Top Ranking on Google – (AK)

9 Important SEO Factors for Top Ranking on Google

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There many factors that can influence the ranking of website on google.

I am discussing here the 9 most important factors for getting top rank on google


1. Good Web Hosting for Good SEO
2. Content Optimization for Good Search Engine Optimization
3. Speed Optimization of website for Good SEO
4. Mobile Optimization of website for better SEO
5. Social Media presence for better ranking
6. Local Search Engine Optimization for local ranking on google
7. Internal Links and Link Juice for better ranking on search engines
8. External Links in the website so that google can give better rank to website
9. Back Links to the website from other websites. Google gives top importance to website’s backlinks with high DR and PR value for better website ranking.

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