4 Secret Hacks: Google My Business Local SEO Optimization (2019)

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4 Secret Hacks for Google My Business Local SEO Optimization (2019)

So you want to get your business listing to show for local searchers? You want more customers? More clients? More leads? Then it all starts with giving this video a thumbs up.

The second way is to Google My Business is the way to do that! In this video we’re going to cover 4 tips for Local Google My Business SEO Optimization. My name is Justin, ConsultJustin.com. Your ultimate think tank for SEO help and it’s all FREE!

Now we cover a lot here, I’m including links in the description to get more information on each of these steps on our marketing think tank.

Now I’m not going to cover the basics, like how to register your Google My Business. Let’s look at some of the optimization secrets that no one else’s talking about that can massively increase your Google My Business and Maps Rankings and leads.

Service Businesses – Put every single location you service including counties, cities, towns and area codes.

Quickly Index Your Citations – Make a post on your website with a link to all your citations sources. Then request the page to be

Create Location Pages – Create a page for each city you want to rank for. This will show relevancy and help your listing rank for outlining areas. For your primary city, consider creating several blog posts to do the same.

Get keyword rich reviews! There is a correlation between an increase in reviews and better ranking. Not only that, but having more and better reviews will get you the searcher’s attention, even if you’re not in the 1st position.

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed this video. If you haven’t thumbed up this video, what are you waiting for? If you want to completely demolish your competitors on GMB then subscribe to this channel. If you have have questions about how to rank your GMB listing, hit up consultjustin.com where you can ask your question and I’ll make a video about it.

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